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We can do it all in-house.

Orange Juice creates websites and web applications.
Technically advanced, easy to use.

Custom e-commerce

We fulfil our promises. We approach everything with a fresh vision and clear strategy with our experts in marketing, design and technology. With these ingredients we give online businesses a healthy dose of vitamins and increase their chances of higher returns and success.

Orange Juice has over 10 year experience in creating innovative online projects. From action pages to webshops, from banners to complex applications. We combine strategy, design, development and optimisation to achieve a balance with maximum performance.

Successful web applications

Establish an online presence

From well thought-out web strategies we design & develop innovative e-commerce solutions. We work closely with our clients to continually improve usability and conversion.
The result... successful web apps and websites.

Our ingredients

Vitamin cocktail

A successful online project consists of a balanced combination of strategy, concept, design, technology and optimisation. The only way to achieve the correct balance is to have experts in each field with years of experience working on online projects. Orange Juice has all of this in-house. All the way from concept to conversion.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A

Strategy And Concept

Translating business goals into a comprehensive online strategy. A master plan where online transactions, search engine optimization, social media and maintenance have a place. In this phase we determine the correct frameworks and goals of the online project with the customer to achieve the first practical implementation of an online concept.

Vitamin B
Vitamin B


Visualising and developing concept sketches and appealing designs. During development the designers make the end user central to all decisions. In this phase we bring marketing, design and UX together. This is the basis for a professional and effective internet solution.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C


The visuals are translated to code through the intensive collaboration of front end developers, scripters and web developers. The websites and web applications are tested for functionality, performance and user friendlyness. During the test phase communication between external systems is also tested before the solution is ready to launch.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D


The production phase is followed by a phase where our online marketing team can do what it's best at. They add web analytics software in all projects that can track performance and conversion. This then allows us to adjust for best results.


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